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Interactive Training,
Tailored to You.

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Countless virtual workouts, made for progress.

With live and on-demand classes and a wide variety of workout activities, you can find the perfect workout for your body and your schedule.

cardio boxing
Coach Colby
Coach Melissa
Coach Bryan
Coach Melissa
Low Impact
Coach Clarence
Coach Cole
Head Yogi Jeremy
Coach Natalia
Coach Melissa
Isaiah K.
May 29, 2021
“All of the benefits of a personal trainer from home, with high-quality equipment and a fantastic community.”
Dustin I.
May 2021
“I love the variety of workouts and coaches. There’s something for everyone, and I learn something new about my body and performance in every class.”
Alnettia J.
July 7, 2021
“I did my first workout and knew I was hooked. The classes are fun, challenging, and perfect for any fitness level.”
Karen G.
May 20, 2021
“I love how Tempo gives form feedback, weight suggestions and it takes the guesswork out of what you should do to achieve your goals.”
Brett S.
May 22, 2021
“Tempo has revolutionized my fitness lifestyle with a variety of classes that help me reach my goals. And the coaches make working out fun and personable!”
Tewanna S.
August 13, 2021
“I like that there are a variety of classes I can take depending on my schedule. Whether it’s live or on-demand, 10 minutes or an hour, Tempo has me covered!”
Harlan R.
May 7th, 2021
“I was in a fitness landslide and Tempo saved me! The technology is awesome, and the engaging coaches and supportive community drive me toward my goals.”

Elite coaches guide your workout and motivate you

cardio boxing

Head Coach Melissa


“See serious results with our Head Coach Melissa. Drawing from over a half-dozen training certifications, she designs efficient, no-nonsense workouts.”

cardio boxing

Head Coach Clarence


“Get ready to smile as you sweat with Coach Clarence. Finding fitness in the military, he makes tough, transformative workouts fun with his flair for song.”

cardio boxing

Coach Bryan


“Embrace your inner athlete with Coach Bryan. Drawing on his college football career and NASM certification, he’ll push your limits within your limits.”

cardio boxing

Coach Cole


“Find out what you’re capable of with Coach Cole. An avid surfer and athlete, he trains elite D1 athletes and brings his signature positivity to every workout.”

cardio boxing

Head Yogi Jeremy


“Find your flow with Head Yogi Jeremy. A master of the movement arts, he aims to inspire others to strengthen their minds and bodies on the mat.”

cardio boxing

Coach Colby


“Get in fighting form with mixed martial artist Coach Colby. She brings her boxing background to each workout to help you build strength and empowerment.”

cardio boxing

Coach Jonathan


“Set PRs with "Coach J". He believes that movement is more than just the act. It’s the intent of moving with purpose. To accomplish any goal that you set out for yourself.”

Personal workout plans based on your goals

Workouts Plan Workouts Plan

Set your goals

Identify your fitness goals in the My Plan app.

Get your plan

Tempo will create a custom plan based on your goals.

Keep motivated

Stay on track with a steady workout plan.

Membership at a fraction of the cost.

AED 148 a month for the whole family.

*Equipment not included.


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using the Tempo


Number of workouts
per week

AED 1.63

Cost per

Two ways to train.
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cardio boxing

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cardio boxing

5 interest-free payments of AED with Postpay

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