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Our Mission

To give everyone the power to realize their strength and lead a healthy, full life.

Our Belief

We believe people are stronger than they know. To us, strength is more than just muscles, it’s the power to take on a challenge and to see it through. We believe, through fitness, we can connect with and build upon our physical, mental, and emotional strength and use it to pursue everything we want in life (and get it).

The road to health is personal, and the core aspect of our products is around individualized feedback. Like a personal trainer, we’re there to guide you in real-time, count reps, make recommendations, and help you make progress. We want to you realize your inner strength, and achieve the goals you’ve set both on the mat and off.

Fitness gave our founder the confidence to change his own life.

Founded. Built. Led by a personal trainer.

We don’t just believe in the philosophy that personal training changes lives. We’re founded on it.

Former trainer and Tempo co-founder & CEO Moawia Eldeeb saw his own transformation begin at the age of 12, when he and his family lived in a homeless shelter after their building burned down. Local YMCA coaches trained him for free, in exchange for staying in school. As he developed physical strength, he discovered the power of training to also build confidence, discipline, and a future of his own making. Now, he and co-founder Josh Augustin are dedicated to giving everyone the power to realize their strength and lead an active, full life.

Teaming up with fitness scientists, physiology PhDs, personal trainers, and engineers, Moawia and Josh created the first at-home personal training solution plus home gym designed to deliver results through AI-powered personal guidance, real-time form feedback, and custom training plans. Through its growing suite of products, Tempo is redefining the personal training industry and bringing an effective, results-driven model to more homes than ever before.

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cardio boxing

5 interest-free payments of AED with Postpay

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