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Lindsey Vonn Joins the Tempo Team

Lindsey Vonn Joins the Tempo Team

Why she chose Tempo — and when you'll get to train with her

Welcome to Team Tempo: Lindsey Vonn.

The record-breaking Olympic gold medalist, World Cup Champion, and New York Times best-selling author has joined Tempo. As part of the Tempo team, Lindsey is developing and coaching exclusive content for Tempo that will empower the Tempo community, both physically and mentally, for the life and activities they all want to live.

“I’m so proud to join the Tempo team. I’ve long admired the company’s emphasis on strength training to prepare for the activities people love to do most, so it was a natural fit for me to be a part of the community they’re building,” said Vonn. “Tempo’s founder Moawia and I have both experienced set-backs and success, and I hope our stories of perseverance can inspire the Tempo community to reach their full potential by committing to their health and showing up consistently.”

While an incredibly accomplished athlete, Lindsey’s storied career as the greatest female ski racer of all time has not been without its obstacles. From season-ending injuries to struggles with mental health, Lindsey has defied the odds and has shown that no matter when or how you fall, there’s always a way to get back up if you’re willing to work for it.

Take Lindsey’s injuries that sidelined her — they curtailed her competitions and her ability to train as she normally would. Working with her personal trainers, she found new ways to prepare and adapt her body. Even while injured, she was able to come back stronger than before and continue to dominate the slopes.

In many ways you can find connections between Lindsey’s journey and that of Tempo co-founder and CEO, Moawia Eldeeb.

Moawia immigrated to Queens, NY from Egypt and dropped out of school in the sixth grade to work 12-hour shifts at a pizza shop to help his parents pay their bills.

Then while staying at a homeless shelter, Moawia was trained for free by local YMCA coaches in exchange for him returning and staying in school and pursuing his education. Fitness is what changed the trajectory of Moawia’s life.

Receiving a grant to study computer science, and graduating from Columbia University — Moawia realized his mission to democratize fitness for any and everyone so that they too could have the tools, the support, and community to find their inner strength to lead the lives they want to live.

As with any Tempo athlete, we are bound to face setbacks in our lives, but having the strength to rise above them is something that comes with training and hard work. Just as Lindsey worked with her team to carve her own narrative despite her injuries or Moawia using fitness as a path back to education, we hope the Tempo community is inspired to craft their own journey of strength — however that takes shape.

“Lindsey Vonn is the personification of strength, grit, consistency and commitment to physical excellence, and her values align seamlessly with Tempo’s,” said Moawia Eldeeb, Founder and CEO of Tempo. “Our mission is to empower people, and Lindsey has certainly done so by showing the impact strength training can have on your performance and everyday quality of life. We couldn’t ask for a better partner, and we’re thrilled to have her on board."

What’s Next with Lindsey Vonn x Tempo

Lindsey will be a long-standing partner with Tempo. Expect future in-person events — including promoting her upcoming book Rise: My Story, at Tempo’s retail location in New York City this January — and of course you may be competing with her on the Tempo Studio and Move leaderboards.

Speaking of, get ready to train with Lindsey in her first Tempo program on December 27. We can’t wait to show you what we’re working on together.

Train with Lindsey on Tempo.